Feb 102010

Welcome to our new blog. Over the course of the year we will document how our clients films are produced, from the initial contact through to delivery of the final film. We hope this will give you an insight and hopefully some ideas when you consider filming your wedding.

We have just completed a NTSC transfer for an American client from Iowa City USA. Unable to attend his niece’s wedding here in London. Dennis decided to purchase one of our packages as a wedding gift. Because here in Europe we use a different system for television, called PAL. It meant that Dennis needed a company that operated pro edit systems to transfer the footage to his native NTSC format. Happily we were glad to oblige and in fact we can transfer our films to any format worldwide.

Towards the end of last season we introduced our new cameras. So now has come the time to take down our old and fondly remembered samples and highlight what those new cameras can do.

After much debate we have managed to select Kathrina and Alistair’s absoulutely lovely village wedding in Dorset, for our example of the “Documentary” package.

Shot in and around  Charmouth.

We selected Kathrina and Alistair’s ¬†Church wedding film in the end as we felt it highlighted how at ease people felt around the camera. Something that we really feel is important is that the film should be about the people starring in it. We have a sort of motto at Portobello Films – invisible but approachable – and we think that Kathrina and Alistair’s film shows both in equal measure. We hope you enjoy it.

However we cannot bring ourselves to take all those films away so we have kept one of our favorites from 2007. We will be adding some more examples to show our other packages, just once we can decide which ones.

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  2. i love my wedding DVD! this is a mere slice of how good the whole DVD is. it makes for an entertaining wedding DVD that people will want to watch. Not too long, great balance of the details but keeping it entertaining, capturing the essence of the day and edited in a such an amazing way. I showed it to many many family/friends and had a crowd of 25 family for one evening. Comments such as ‘ best wedding video I ever saw’ ‘excellent editing’. Best of all I don’t remember any of it being filmed!

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