Feb 022011

We are nearly there with our new web site. My goodness it take ages though it should be up during next week. We will have a whole new range of wedding videos to show as well as a revamped design. So a really big thanks to all the our inhouse web designers. They have managed all kinds of technical wizardry with the intergration of our tweets and incorporating our Vimeo Pro channel.

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Lanesborough Hotel wedding video

Jan 192011

Wedding Video London St James’s from Portobello Films on Vimeo.

Filmed by one London videographer, exclusively in the historical venue of the Naval and Military Club, St James’s Square SW1Y 4JU. This Civil wedding video was shot in HD and delivered to 8 wedding DVD.
You can toggle HD on and off by pressing the HD symbol in the bottom right of the wedding video
Wedding Video Wedding Videos
Wedding Video London Landmark