Nov 112011

Civil Partnership Video from on Vimeo.

One of the highlights of our year in 2011. This fantastic civil partnership video drew friends and family from across the globe from America to Malaysia. To where else but Shakespear’s Globe Theatre in the very heart of London. Spending the whole day over the three floors of the civil partnership and civil wedding venue called The Swan at the Globe. With our wedding videographer living just 20mins away, it could not have been an easier day of filming. In fact when a couple and a venue just click. Just like with this civil partnership filming what happens does not really feel like work. The staff also where excellent.

Our one wedding videographer filming the “Documentary” package and suppling a double wedding Dvd box set. Started th day filming on the raised ground floor main bar. With it’s slightly elevated position overlooking the Thames. Then up to the third floor with its splendid venues over the Thames to St Paul’s Cathedral and the City of London. Where the really rather touching ceremony was held. After some tears and laughter it was off for cocktails on the second floor in preparation for a wonderful meal and brilliant after dinner entertainment supplied by the couple’s talented friends. A really brilliant day filled with the sunshine reflected from the river.

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Apr 282011

Wedding video London, filmed at the Wedding Venue Lord’s cricket ground Videographer London. Civil wedding video.

Wedding video London from Portobello Films on Vimeo.

Filmed by one of our wedding videographer London at the really impressive wedding venue London Lord’s Cricket Ground in St John’s Wood London NW8 8QN

The day was amazing and this wedding video shows a whole chapter straight from the actual wedding DVD. Shot as part of the “Documentary” package. The wedding videographer used one of our Sony Z7 cameras with the really brilliant Manfrotto 501 fluid head tripod for the picture. Then to record the audio our wedding videographer used a Sennheiser MKH 416 (which is the standard for film and TV) and then a rather clever gizmo called a Sennheiser SKP which plugs into the back of a remote gun mic and then sends the single back to the camera with no wires.

We hope that this glimps into the snow covered wedding venue gives some indication of what a magical day is was for eveybody involved

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Apr 182011

Wedding video London, filmed at the Wedding Venue Lansdowne Club Videographer London. Church wedding video.

Wedding video London from Portobello Films on Vimeo.

Filmed by our 2 wedding videographers. Starting with a wonderful church wedding service at St James’s Church just down the road from Paddington in London’s Sussex Gardens. An easy cab ride from our base for our in-house London videographers to cover the preperations of the happy bride and groom. Then one videographer followed the groom for the anxious wait at St James’s. Followed by our second videographer to capture the arrival of the bride and her entrance down the aisle from two angles.

Then onto the brilliant wedding reception venue at the Lansdowne Club in the heart of London West End just a short walk from Berkeley Sq. A great place to film and the excellent wedding photographer Chris Geary got some great pictures. In fact his shots were so great they featured on The wedding venue was a pleasure to film in and had some great vantage points. Perfect for those important, unobtrusive and discreet shots.

We would also like to say a big thank-you to Lucy Mannering the wedding organizer who was so helpful on the day.

Our in-house videographers film modern Wedding Video and Wedding Videography. In this case our London videographers shot the Television package with two Sony Z7 camera and a RMS2040 and Sennheiser sound kit

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Feb 232011

Wedding video London from Portobello Films on Vimeo.

With the wedding reception venue at the impressive Stationers Hall and the main ceremony venue in the splendor of St Pauls Cathedral. Everybody and the most amazing day with all the excitement of being right in the very heart of historic London.
Our wedding videographer (in house of course no hiring of outsourced staff for our client’s wedding videos) being London based arrived in good time and as fresh as a daisy. With the reception just a short walk from the wedding at St Pauls the day could not be easier. Leaving our videographer all the time to discreetly pick his shots. We hope you agree that it does look quite splendid. All filmed in HD 1080 25p (non of that 1080i nonsence) and delivered as 8 widescreen wedding DVDs with an additional wedding speeches DVD

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Feb 052011

Wedding video Surrey ,filming at the Wedding Venue Guildford Albury Park Mansion. Civil wedding video.

Wedding video Surrey from Portobello Films on Vimeo.

Filmed back in 2009 on one delightful late summers day in early September this film is the wedding video highlights part of the wedding DVD. Two of our in house wedding videographers arrived at the impressive wedding venue The rather magnificent Albury Park Mansion just outside Guildford in Surrey GU5 9DD. To film a civil wedding video, including the brides preperations, the garden reception, wedding breakfast all the way to and beyond the first dance.
Always looking to frame the scene within a locational context, our wedding videographers were able to take full advange of their number. Capturing events not only highlightling the beautiful surroundings of the Surrey countryside. But also get the impromtue personal shots that give the wedding film its identity. Untilising the full extent of the “Television” package by filming fom both sides of the room during the lovely civil service. Thereby filming both the bride and groom at the same time. Giving our editor the easy task of letting the film edit itself by naturally cutting between action and reaction, rather than looking for a shot to cover the resizing or reframing of a shot. Giving the wedding video a natural feeling and a light touch. So we would just like to say a big thank you to everyone that made the happy couples day such a joy to film

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