Apr 182011

Wedding video London, filmed at the Wedding Venue Lansdowne Club Videographer London. Church wedding video.

Wedding video London from Portobello Films on Vimeo.

Filmed by our 2 wedding videographers. Starting with a wonderful church wedding service at St James’s Church just down the road from Paddington in London’s Sussex Gardens. An easy cab ride from our base for our in-house London videographers to cover the preperations of the happy bride and groom. Then one videographer followed the groom for the anxious wait at St James’s. Followed by our second videographer to capture the arrival of the bride and her entrance down the aisle from two angles.

Then onto the brilliant wedding reception venue at the Lansdowne Club in the heart of London West End just a short walk from Berkeley Sq. A great place to film and the excellent wedding photographer Chris Geary got some great pictures. In fact his shots were so great they featured on weddingideas.com. The wedding venue was a pleasure to film in and had some great vantage points. Perfect for those important, unobtrusive and discreet shots.

We would also like to say a big thank-you to Lucy Mannering the wedding organizer who was so helpful on the day. LucyMannering@LansdowneClub.com

Our in-house videographers film modern Wedding Video and Wedding Videography. In this case our London videographers shot the Television package with two Sony Z7 camera and a RMS2040 and Sennheiser sound kit

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