Feb 022011

We are nearly there with our new web site. My goodness it take ages though it should be up during next week. We will have a whole new range of wedding videos to show as well as a revamped design. So a really big thanks to all the our inhouse web designers. They have managed all kinds of technical wizardry with the intergration of our tweets and incorporating our Vimeo Pro channel.

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Lanesborough Hotel wedding video

Feb 022011

Wedding Video London Lanesborough Hotel from Portobello Films on Vimeo.

Definatly one of our favorite wedding videos an absolutly lovely and naturally civil wedding video made possible by just the perfect bride and groom. Everything was filmed within the quite spectacular wedding venue The Lanesborough Hotel (civil wedding). Which is situated right on the very corner of Hyde Park Corner in the heart of the world famous Knightsbridge district of London. A 5 star hotel in a totally 5 star location.
We used two of our London based wedding videographer to do the whole occasion justice. (All filmed with our brand new properly professional Sony cameras. All shot and edited in HD). The wedding venue and hotel was originally the St George Hospital dating back to 1827. Built on the excisting Hospital which in turn was actually Lanesborough House so that is pre 1733. (some history) The whole place was refurbished in 1991 becoming the Michelin stared spectacular that it is today. (you can tell we like it).
We would also like to mention Eva Dutton the then wedding planner at the Lanesborough. We often work a long day yet Eva matched us minute for minute. Always a few moments ahead of everything you can tell see used to work in Beverly Hills. We wish her the best of luck as Operations Manager Eva Dutton

Wedding Video and Wedding Videos
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