Dec 082013

Holy Cross Old Church Page boy at The Holy Cross Old Church Greenford Filmed with a Sony PMW EX3

Holy Cross Old Church

Groom waiting Holy Cross Old Church Greenford

The Groom’s last few moments of singledom Filmed with a Sony PMW EX3

wedding Holy Cross Old Church

Bride at the Holy Cross Church

The bride about to take her wedding vows at the Holy Cross Old Church Greenford Wedding videography shot with a PMW EX3

wedding Holy Cross Old Church

Bride and Groom taking their wedding vows at the Holy Cross Old Church


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Mar 312011

Wedding videographer London, filming in St Clement Danes Videographer in London shooting Church wedding video.

Wedding Hedsor House from on Vimeo.

Wedding video London from Portobello Films on Vimeo.

St Clement Danes is a really beautiful gem of a church right in the middle of London on the Strand. Yet for all the hustle and bustle of the city. St Clement Danes is literally an island of tranquility in the middle of The Aldwych. As an RAF remembrance church it has a special history and unique appeal. An excellent London wedding venue the interior is full of architectural details reflecting the church’s links with the air force and is gifted with the most exquisite flooring. In fact almost as a companion piece the RAF have posted St Clement Danes 50th video

Our wedding videographer being based just down the road in west London was able to just jump in a cab and arrive in plenty of time. In fact he used his time well and was able to capture the arrival of all the guests as well as filming the exterior of the church and capturing all those little details. Although as always it is the happy couple that make wedding videography so easy to film.

Our in-house videographers film modern Wedding Video and Wedding Videos. In this case our London videographer filmed the Documentary package with a Sony Z7 camera and a really nice Sennheiser sound kit

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